And relax…….

It’s funny how the simple things in life can get you so excitable during these crazy times. I was excited yesterday as it was the first day and night I didn’t have to put the central heating on, yay! The day before yesterday I had seen Martin Kemp outside his house and he nodded hello at me, that made my year let alone my day! I need to get out more I know!

It’s good to try and focus on at least one positive thing that has happened to you each day.  Think of this before you go to sleep, followed by some deep breathing.

I’ve come across some great ideas/useful links to help focus on your mental and physical wellbeing over the last few weeks, and I wanted to share these with you.

There are tons of free fitness videos on the NHS site, I’ve done a few of the yoga and pilates ones and they are really good:

For the budding singers out there, you can join a virtual choir which looks like fun:

To get your creative juices flowing check out:

For relaxation and meditation it’s worth checking out:


To get your brain going the Open University is offering free online courses which I think is fantastic:

I hope you find some of these useful, there are a few things here to help pass the time!

I’ve been moaning for months that I haven’t had time to focus on my blog due to my HR work getting in the way. They say be careful what you wish for, well now I have absolutely no excuse and all the time in the world so you can expect to hear from me more :0)