It’s all about the kefir…..

So I wrote the below blog two months ago and I promised to update you on my progress. I’ve been drinking a shot of goat’s kefir (which is fresh pasteurised fermented goat’s milk) every morning. I’ve been reading for ages that eating/drinking fermented products is so good for the gut and skin, and I’m willing to try anything so I did! I have definitely noticed a difference, I have fewer stomach aches as it lines the stomach and protects it and my skin is really clear. The weird thing is at first I hated the taste of the milk and I had to sweeten it with Stevia, now I love the taste and my body craves it every morning, which means it is definitely agreeing with me. It’s now become a habit. I order a 3 weeks supply but it actually lasts me 6 weeks as I only have a small amount each morning, the milk never goes off as long as you keep it in the fridge. I would recommend anyone with stomach or skin issues to give it a go, I started to feel the benefits after 4 weeks so stick with it! Read my original blog below for details on where to buy it……

Up until a month ago I had never even heard of kefir and its many benefits. For the past two weeks, thanks to the Chuckling Goat company, I have been drinking a shot of goat’s kefir every morning before breakfast, with a drop of Stevia to sweeten it as the taste is quite sour! You can experience side effects, I certainly did in the first week, nausea, stomach ache, but I was assured by the Chuckling Goat crew that this is a good sign as it means the good bacteria is fighting the bad bacteria in my stomach, which is music to my ears! God knows how much bad bacteria has been festering within me for years! Kefir is a rich source of amino acids which promote healing and repair, it is also anti-fungal and antibacterial. Certain bacteria strains from the kefir help in treating stomach issues by regulating the inflammatory response of the intestinal cells. I realised recently that most health issues, mental and physical, stem from the gut. So I’m willing to give this a go, I’ve ordered a six weeks supply so will keep you posted on my progress :0)

One thought on “It’s all about the kefir…..

  1. Aimee says:

    Sounds great-well done!! I might have to give this ago….you always have great skin so the fact that you’re saying your skin is ‘better’ means it must be amazing!! Will let you know!


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