Get those 8 hours in!

I’ve had a lot of people asking me recently for ideas to help them sleep. Here are a few which have worked for me, try some out and see how you go:

– Lavender spray or lavender drops on your pillow
– Reishi mushroom powder – mix with hot water or hot milk before bedtime
– Take deep breaths in and out just before sleep, this will slow down your thoughts
– CBD oil (please ask me for more info before taking)
– Have a bath late at night ideally with Epsom bath salts
– If you can’t be without your mobile phone then change the brightness to night shift, this can be found under your Settings/Display & Brightness. The dimmer the better!
– Avoid heavy meals at night as your digestive system can keep you awake if it has to work hard
– Try not to have your heating on in your bedroom whilst you are sleeping. Your body temperature will naturally cool down to help you sleep, and heat up when you wake. Heating can also dehydrate you. If you can’t do without then set the temperature to 18 which is ideal for sleeping.

Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzz❤️

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